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Body Loofah
Naturally plastic free, LoofCo body loofahs are a great alternative to a plastic sponge for using in the bath or shower. Once they get wet, they soften and are gently exfoliating, suitable for face and body. Loofahs are, literally, made...
Loofah Cleaning Pad
LoofCo loofah cleaning pads are perfect for cleaning baths, sinks & kitchen counters, replacing a plastic sponge. Naturally scrubby & non-stick, these are perfect for all your cleaning needs. Loofah's are made from the plant of a squash & grow...
Loofah Washing Up Pad
Naturally plastic free, LoofCo loofah washing up pads are a naturally scrubby, soft & pliable washing up sponge alternative. Loofah's are made from the plant of a squash & grow a bit like a cucumber. They can be dried out...
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