Cotton Dish Cloths - Set Of 3
Set of three cotton dish cloths in a waffle fabric. Comes with one red, charcoal and green cloth. These are great for a variety of uses - washing up, cleaning counters, polishing taps - a really useful addition to the...
Unpaper Towels
Designed to replace single use paper kitchen towels, these reusable cotton towels are made of 'birdseye' weave which makes them super absorbant. They are a fantastic alternative to paper kitchen towels or wet wipes. These come in a pack of...
Multi Purpose Cloths
Set of 3 organic bamboo and cotton washable cloths. These soft, reusable multi-purpose wipes can be used instead of disposable face wipes, for children, or for cleaning! Super absorbant and silky soft, they are a great alternative to wipes containing...
Loofah Cleaning Pad
LoofCo loofah cleaning pads are perfect for cleaning baths, sinks & kitchen counters, replacing a plastic sponge. Naturally scrubby & non-stick, these are perfect for all your cleaning needs. Loofah's are made from the plant of a squash & grow...
EcoCoconut Scourer
Pack of 2 large coconut scourer pads. Can be used for washing up, or cleaning your kitchen or bathroom. Non-scatch & naturally anti-bacterial, these scourers are made ethically & sustainably in Sri Lanka and come packaged in a cardboard box....
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Compostable Cleaning Cloths
For those wanting a more standard cleaning cloth but still wanting to avoid plastic, we have the perfect solution! These spongy cleaning cloths are made of a mixture of plant based materials - 70% FSC plant cellulose & 30% cotton,...
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